low price Mushroom Extract

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  • low price Mushroom Extract

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    low price Mushroom Extract

    Basic information:
    Latin Name: Poria Cocos Wolf
    Part Used: Root
    Specification: 10%-40% Polysaccharides
    Appearance: Brown fine powder
    Test Method: By UV
    About Poria Cocos:
    Poria Cocos is widespread and it is picked during July to September every year.
    It has the nourishing effects in lung, heart, spleen and kidney.
    It also has the effect in calming heart and curing the sleeplessness.
    It has the effect in improving the immunity and anti-tumor.
    Function and Application:
    1.Poria Cocos extract has the function of strengthening the physiological activities, preventing human being from diseases and promoting the functional recovery of the human immunity system.
    2.This extract can calm the nervous system and strengthen the digestion of the stomach.
    3.It also plays a very important role in protecting the liver.
    Application: Health care productslow price Mushroom Extract

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