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    buy Rage Gases

    Basic parameters
    Product Group:Industrial Gases
    model:Argon gas
    useManufacturing materials
    grade: Industrial Grade
    place of originCHINA-JIANGSU
    Molecular formula231-147-0
    Cylinder size2L-80L
    Working Pressure150bar,200bar
    Cylinder colorCustomized
    Trading Information
    Whether to support a priceno
    Price settingSingle FOB range price
    FOB priceUSD:31~55 Piece
    MOQ400 Piece
    payment methodL/CD/AD/PT/TWestern UnionMoneyGramOther
    1. What's your product price?
    Because each gas price depends on your quantity and purity requirements, it is difficult to give a fixed price. If you are interested in some gases, please provide your details. I can offer you an offer.
    2. Is there any cautions to use gas cylinders?
    1) The use and testing of gas cylinder shall be subject to “Safety inspection regulations for gas cylinders” issued by State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
    2) The gas cylinder shall away from heat and sunlight exposure. The distance from fire should be no less than 10 meter. And it is prohibited to hit the cylinders.
    3) It is prohibited to use fire to heat the valve if it was frozen.
    4) The nozzle of the gas cylinder was strictly prohibited from oil contamination
    5) The gas in the cylinder cannot be entirely exhausted, it would be better to remain not less than 0.040 MPa residual pressure
    6) The filling pressure of gas cylinder cannot exceed the prescribed pressure.
    Our Company
    Safety Monitoring Center.Quality control.Filling workshop
    We have accumulated more than 20 million dollars for the safety of investment funds, which we must insist on doing the most important thing.Our quality control equipment includes Shimadzu mass spectrometer, halo water analyzer and other testing equipment.We currently produce 2 million bottles of industrial gas, including high purity gas, electronic gas, rare gas.
    Air separation plant.Acetylene plant.Hydrogen factory.
    We have 16 sets of air separation equipment in the country, 30,000 cubic meters / hour of gas capacity.We can produce an annual output of 1.8 million bottles of acetylene gas.We manufacture the electronic grade high purity hydrogen 99.9999%.
    Other Gases
    PropaneIndustry AcetyleneOxygen(FRAME)
    We offer a wide range of propane, high quality, the price is competitive!We offer a wide range of acetylene, high quality, the price is competitive!We offer a wide range of oxygen, high quality, the price is competitive!
    NitrogenMixed GasSulfur Hexafluoride
    We offer a wide range of nitrogen, high quality, the price is competitive!We provide customers with a variety of mixed gases such as: a variety of industry standard gas, welding gas, laser gasWe offer a wide range of Sulfur Hexafluoride, high quality, the price is competitive!
    1. Used as arc welding (cutting) stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum, and other alloys of protective gas. Also used in smelting of steel, aluminum, titanium and zirconium. Argon discharge purple glow, but also for lighting technology and filling fluorescent lamps, photocell, lighting tubes.
    2. In the brewing process, the filler in the beer barrel, it can replace the oxygen in order to avoid the beer in the raw material is oxidized to acetic acid.
    3. Heat treatment process is also used to replace nitrogen and ammonia, the effect is more than nitrogen and ammonia, stainless steel heat treatment using argon to protect the bending effect is better and not easy to breakbuy Rage Gases

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