China Horizontal Chemical Process Pump

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  • China Horizontal Chemical Process Pump

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    China Horizontal Chemical Process Pump

    Wuxi Xinjiuyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise, which produces various chemical pumps, various types of chemical process pumps, stainless steel stamping centrifugal pumps, vertical multistage pumps, direct-coupled centrifugal pumps, submerged pumps, etc. And variable frequency water supply equipment, is a quality manufacturer that can provide all the pumps in the entire production line.
    Its products include more than 10 series and more than 600 specifications. The products of the company meet requirements of different media, different temperature, different proportion, different particle content and different operation environments through the diversity of materials, the variability of structure, the multiple options of sealing and many other aspects.
    Company owned 5 sets of vertical and horizontal machining centers, more than 50 sets of general-purpose machine tools, 5 sets of special equipment, more than 800 sets of special stamping dies, 5 sets of special testing equipments sets.
    Our pumps are widely used in automotive coating, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, food, water treatment, high-rise construction and other industries.
    In the past five years, the company has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% per year. In 2018, it has completed sales income of more than 70 million. The company's product quality has been steadily improved year by year, product structure adjustment has become more reasonable, market reputation has been rising, and user groups have been expanding. High-end users continue to grow, such as: Yan Petrochemical, Wuliangye, Budweiser, China Resources Beer, Tsingtao Brewery, Yanjing Beer, etc., especially in the automotive coating business, the company's development momentum is rapid, has been with China Automotive Industry Engineering Corporation Machinery Industry Fourth Design and Research Institute, Dongfeng Motor Design and Research Institute, Machinery Industry Ninth Design and Research Institute, Machinery Industry Second Design Institute, Jiangsu Hummer, Wuxi Shunda, Wuxi Express and other units cooperate with dozens of automotive coatings Install the project.China Horizontal Chemical Process Pump

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