High Alloy Steel Casting sample

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  • High Alloy Steel Casting sample

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    High Alloy Steel Casting sample

    Nikel-based Investment Casting
    Nickel investment castings, also known as monel alloys or superalloys, provide high end corrosion and abrasion resistance at the most extreme temperatures. When it comes to investment casting, Cobalt and nickel share many mechanical properties with stainless steel castings, but are designed for even greater strength and oxidation resistance.
    Form – unique cobalt and nickel physical characteristics
    While superalloy cobalt and nickel investment castings are typically more expensive than other alloy types, these superalloy castings offer unmatched temperature resistance, surface stability under high stress conditions, and overall hardness.
    Due to their impressive mechanical properties and heat resistance, nickel and cobalt both enjoy long service high resistances to oxidation carburization.
    Fit – how we make nickel and cobalt castings work for you
    Nickel and cobalt's inherent hardness make them difficult to machine. Our Netshape, as-cast parts reduce or eliminate the majority of costly machining, while still maintaining precision tolerances within +/- .005 inches per linear inch.
    Precision Castings of the majority of the cobalt and nickel superalloy casting process, ensuring we produce consistent results that save our customers money. Casting nickel and cobalt is a somewhat delicate process that requires constant monitoring, and is highly susceptible to cracking when performed by untrained foundries.
    Function – real world steel casting examples.
    Nickel is commonly used in high temperature liquid and gas flow control. We produce countless nickel pipe holding brackets, also known as "handcuffs," for the power utility industry. Nickel is one of the few alloys capable of resisting the high temperatures these pipes produce.
    We have established the strategic partnerships with Rosemount Inc, the biggest automatic instrument company in the world
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